Thoughts on Do It Yourself Electrical Work (DIY) vs a Professional Electrician Installation

Doesn't it seem that almost everything in life is too expensive these days? But compared to a shock or fire hazard in your home, subjecting your family and property to real dangers...professionally installed, warranted, safe electrical wiring is a real bargain.

Did you ever stop and think about what we ask of our electrical systems every day? Lighting, heating/cooling, security, news and entertainment, communications, just to name a few. What would our lives be like without it?

Isn't it one of our most valuable and hard working servants? It just does not make sense to ignore the facts. Electrical wiring is not a hobby!

It is admirable that you would undertake many projects around the home in an effort to save money. And with the proliferation of books, videos, big box stores, home improvement television, and the like...many projects can be handled by the average homeowner. DIY projects like adding a deck, replacing siding, landscaping, and others are projects that can save real money. But, is it really a sound economical decision to tackle a wiring project, even with the help of a friend or neighbor?

  • What is your time worth?
  • Will the job ever get done?
  • Do you have all the tools, material or latest safety standard information?
  • Is the risk worth the small amount you may save?
  • Did you plan to have it inspected?
  • Where does the liability fall in the event of a problem?
  • How can you be sure it is properly installed?
  • What about a warranty?
  • Did your DIY electrical work really improve your real estate value?

We realize almost everyone is on a budget. We can help. We'll help design your most economical solution. We take credit cards and offer many flexible financing plans.

Carefully weigh all of your options, then call E&S Electric, the reliable, affordable, and experienced electrical experts for troubleshooting, repair, remodels or installations.