Helping You Save Money on Energy at the Office

Here is a quick list of energy saving products and services we provide for our commercial & industrial projects:

  • Compact fluorescent self ballasted lamps
  • Electronic ballasts and T8 lamps
  • Removal of metal halide and high pressure sodium fixtures and replace them with fluorescent T8 or T5 fixtures
  • Retrofit existing fluorescent fixtures by removing T12 magnetic ballasts and replacing them with electronic ballasts and T8 lamps
  • Install fluorescent light fixtures with electronic ballasts for new construction
  • Install fluorescent fixtures with mirrored reflectors to maximize efficiency
  • Install master/satellite fluorescent light fixtures to minimize the number of ballasts for new construction
  • Install dual level switching of light fixtures. Provide additional dual level switches for lights in day lit areas
  • Install occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and lighting control panels with programmable astronomical time clock
  • Install photo cells, motion sensors, and astronomical time clocks for outdoor lighting
  • Dimmer switches and dimming ballasts
  • Install Energy Star rated exhaust fans
  • Install "dark sky" outdoor light fixtures to prevent light pollution
  • Install energy efficient electric motors and variable frequency drives
  • Install energy efficient transformers
  • Energy Efficient Thermostats for electrical heat
  • Energy Management products
  • Osram Sylvania, commercial grade ballasts and light fixtures (Osram SYLVANIA has been an Energy Star partner since 1999, also received the Energy Star Sustained Award 20

Our commitment to safety and environmental impact is of the highest degree, as a company, individuals, members of our community and communities we live, work and serve. E & S Electric strives for continuing education by attending classes on Energy Efficiency, LEED, USGBC; we attend focus on energy seminars, Sylvania lighting, retrofit, receptacle, Lutron lighting and more, keeping up with the latest in energy efficient products and share this knowledge with our customers.

A few steps businesses owners follow to cut down on the ever increasing cost of energy:

  1. Turn off lights and equipment when not in use.
  2. Incorporate programmable setback thermostats into your office.
  3. Purchase Energy Star rated equipment and devices.
  4. Install the most efficient lighting options available. Options include:
    • Compact fluorescent bulbs
    • High performance T8 lamps and ballasts
    • Pulse start metal halide systems in a larger applications
    • LED ( light-emitting diode) lights
  5. Incorporated lighting control devices.
    • Daylight controls
    • Occupational sensors and timers
    • Photo cells
    • Lighting control panels with astronomical time clock
  6. Check major equipment make sure it is working correctly and has been serviced regularly to ensure it is operating properly.
  7. Monitor monthly energy bills.
  8. Get employees involved.
  9. Optimize ventilation system in large warehouses, large storage areas and barns, schools and institutional buildings.
  10. Stop air loss; seal and caulk, check doors, windows for air loss, replace cracked or damaged weather striping, and add insulation.
  11. Add ceiling fans.
  12. Add Radiant heat.
  13. Unplug equipment and appliances when not in use when possible.
  14. Recycle; make sure to dispose of compact florescent, florescent light bulbs and equipment properly.
  15. Have an energy audit, work with your electrical contractor, utility office and focus on energy to ensure the best energy savings plan for you and your business.