Hiring a Great ElectricianElectrical work is not something you pick up as a hobby, it is a skilled job.

Trial and error may work for cooking, but it certainly dose not work for electrical wiring. Electrical work is not something you pick up as a hobby, it is a skilled job. Our electricians go to school for many hours and mentor in the field with a Master Electrician to learn the proper procedures to deal with complex wiring applications, dangerous diagnostic, repair, proper equipment, codes, and safety compliance.

You want to hire an electrical professional who has taken classes at an accredited school for electrical technologies. These professionals will have the skills, knowledge, and experience related to the installation and repair of electrical wiring and equipment. Your electrician should be familiar with the electrical building code requirements in the location they are working. Ask to see their license and insurance certificate, if they are not willing to provide this information do not hire them.

A general rule is if a company has been in business for long period of time and has a good standing in their industry they are more likely to do a quality job with the right skilled people in less time and for less money.

At E&S Electric, we have several 30+ year Senior Master Electricians on staff with a vast amount of knowledge and experience. Our high standard for skilled technicians with safety & code compliance and our commitment to training on the latest in installation, repair, equipment, and energy efficient products will help to better your home or business.


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