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Some of our Frequently Asked Questions:

When to call?

We are happy to help. But before you call, always make sure to check breaker panels or GFI outlets to make sure it is not just a simple fix, such as flipping a breaker or resetting the outlet. Feel free to call and ask any questions you may have, and our staff will direct you as best as we can. 

How much will it cost?

We have found that our clients prefer an accurate price based on their exact electrical problem. While most phone quotes are subject to change once the service electrician arrives at your home, we don't believe this is a fair way to do business.

By allowing us to diagnose your electrical problem in person, you will know exactly what it will take to get the job done and you will be provided with up-front pricing.

Is there a warranty with your work?

E&S Electric, Inc. offers a 1-year warranty on all the work provided to our customers who use products provided by us. It is our goal to make sure we deliver quality work and we stand by all the products we use on our jobs. 

Will I be without power?

In some situations, we may need to disconnect the power. If the circumstances require power be disconnected, our electricians will always inform you before the work begins and will make every effort to get power on again as soon as they can.

When can someone be there?

We stay well staffed with only the best electricians to meet the needs of our clients. Give us a call and we can find a time that works best for you!

Only Licensed Electricians

It's tempting to attempt to save money by having a friend or neighbor do your work; however, if electrical wiring is not done properly, there is a substantial risk of shock and fire hazard. Is what little you save really worth the risk?

E&S Electric is a licensed electrical contractor in good standing in the state of Wisconsin. Like a doctor, we spend hundreds of hours every year in seminars and training to maintain our certifications and keep up with the latest codes, products, technologies, and trends in the industry.

Federal Pacific Panels and Breaker Danger

There are fire and shock hazards associated with Federal Pacific Electric Stab-lok circuit breakers and service panels.

Federal Pacific Electric "Stab-Lok" service panels and breakers are a latent hazard and can fail to trip in response to overcurrent, leading to electrical fires. The breakers may also fail to shut off internally even if the toggle is switched to "off." Some double-pole (240-Volt) FPE circuit breakers and single-pole FPE Stab-Lok circuit breakers simply do not work safely.

There are other panel-defects independent of the breaker problems, panel and panel-bus fires and arcing failures in some equipment. The failure rates for these circuit breakers were and still are significant. In some cases failure to trip occurs 60% of the time - a serious fire and electrical shock hazard. Failures are documented in the CPSC study and by independent research. Additional independent testing and research is on-going.

Zinsco Panels and Breaker Danger

There are electrical, fire, and shock hazards associated with Zinsco electrical components, circuit breakers, electrical panels, including certain Sylvania electrical panels and breakers which are in fact of the same product design and origin.

These circuit breakers do not offer the level of overcurrent and fire protection provided by most other electrical panels and circuit breakers. This means homes with this equipment are at greater risk of fire or other electrical hazard. Where Zinsco and Zinsco-Sylvania electrical panels are discovered in buildings they should be replaced to reduce some very real fire and shock hazards.

What to Expect with E&S

Safety & Quality are Critical

Wondering what you can expect when you hire an E&S technician for your next project? Here are just some of the qualities you can look forward to and rest assured knowing you've made the best choice:

  1. A knowledgeable, Certified Electrician who enjoys assisting people.

  2. Clean uniforms that match our quality of service.

  3. Up Front Pricing - Designed to save you time and frustration. Rather than give you an estimate which can change, you'll get an exact price with no surprises.

  4. All the tools and parts we need to provide our same-day award winning service.

  5. Respect for your property - We promise to treat your home as if it was our own. Enjoy our Red Carpet Treatment! This means we will use shoe covers, floor mats, and drop cloths, and clean up every bit of our mess.

  6. Complimentary 12 Point Visual Home Safety Inspection - Your copy of the wiring health checkup will note any hazards or concerns. All of your questions will be answered, along with any solution options.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Resources to Help You Make the Best Decision

Below we have provided documentation and useful links to information that will help you obtain the highest quality workmanship and safety.  We highly suggest researching any company you are thinking of hiring through the links provided.



Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services

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Consumer Safety Product Commission



Federal Electrical Safety Foundation

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